Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#6 Cinnamon

#6 is one of the darker yellow/tan chicks
This chick is getting it's tail feathers in earlier than the others and has longer wing feathers.
There are darker brown feathers showing up on it's shoulders
(I thought it was getting pecked/picked on, but it's just dark feathers-ha!)
This one doesn't like to be held much...we are still working on it.
He does a little better, with a buddy, but still only tolerate it at this point.
maybe Gold Star?
Which would mean it's a Pullet (girl)...since it's one of the darker of the yellow/tans...
but with the long tail feathers? could it still be a Cockerel? I don't know. It is certainly getting in it's feathers faster than the others...and it's behavior seems more cockerel.

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