Sunday, July 28, 2013

gender guesses

None have crowed yet, but I feel fairly certain...these are my best guesses as of today:

pullet=hen pink
cockerel=rooster blue

#1 Penelope-black star-pullet
#2 Blackout -black star-pullet
#3 Rocky-barred rock-cockerel
#4 Teriyaki-blue laced red wyandotte-pullet (so far/maybe)
#5 Zacky-gold star-cockerel GONE
#6 Cinnamon-gold star-pullet
#7 NutMeg-gold star-pullet
#8 Stu-E-gold star-cockerel
#9 Blanca-non-standard (has single comb) Rhode Island White-cockerel (so far/maybe)

When I ask the kids which ones they want to keep of course they say all of them.
When I ask for their top two choices....

M: Blanca (if pullet), Penelope, Blackout
N: Blackout, ? (I need to ask him without sibings interjecting)
A: Teriyaki, Blackout, Penelope, Cinnamon, NutMeg (see what I mean?)

My kids are pretty smart...I suggested we pick two favorites and the top 3 we keep....
So, M and A were trying to talk N into Cinnamon and NutMeg. That way they each would have a different top two. Then, Mom would try to make it fair and we would get to keep more than 3.
Ha! smart kids.

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