Thursday, August 8, 2013

oh boy! Blanca is a boy!

Blanca crowed on Monday morning!
Rocky crowed on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
No crowing today...

So, how did I do at guessing so far?

I think I had it figured right by 5-7 weeks.

1 week old (first day home) I guessed 2 wrong.
Penelope had a comb already, but is a pullet not a cockerel.
Blanca, though a very round chick, was not a pullet, he is the first to crow! Ha!
2 weeks old: same guesses
3 weeks: 1 wrong-still thought Blanca was a pullet, but figured out the bred of the others, which helped with gender guessing.
4 weeks: 2 wrong. again Blanca and I feared Teriyaki, since her comb turned pink, but I think she is pullet.
5 weeks I change Blanco to cockerel, which is correct and had 1 maybe, Teriyaki
6 weeks-I am on vacation
7 weeks I have their genders guessed correctly now (I think)
at 8 1/2 weeks we have crowing to confirm Blanca is a cockerel and Rocky also.

#1 pullet black star

#2 pullet black star

#3 cockerel barred rock

#4 pullet blue laced red wyandotte

#5 L gone cockerel gold star (must have had a delaware parent- he looked like a delaware) 

#6 pullet gold star

#7 pullet gold star

#8 cockerel gold star

#9 cockerel rhode island white (non-standard, no rose comb, might be a white rock)


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