Wednesday, August 14, 2013

well, we are done, for now...

We got a letter asking us to re-home our chickens this saturday (by certified mail).
I am assuming our one poopy neighbor complained.
So...even though my next door neighbors and all the neighbors in my culdesac are ok with us having neighbor, on the next street over, who heard us "building somthing" and came over "to investigate" has a problem with us. We have 60-70 feet of greenbelt between are yards.
He has been seen by friends, to be snooping around, in our yard, when we weren't home.
He could have just asked! Ha! We weren't keeping it a secret.
Neighbor kids have come over just to see them and hold them.
My kids talk about them all the time (and loudly too)!
But...we don't want to cause trouble for those nice neighbors
(who have to deal with the complaints)
So, it's all over for now...until we can formally amend the rules.
Two of my neighbors also stated they would like to have chickens.
The rest have been supportive.
So, I hope to find the time to send out letters to see if we have enough support to go forward with it. We need 75% of the 53 households to amend.

Now what to do with the run and coop? and more importantly the chickens?

We found a family who is interested in having chickens.
We might even be able to come visit sometimes!!!
Which is important to me, at least for a little while, since A is still very attached to them.
We will give them to them gladly.

The plan, so far, is to move the coop, small temporary run and big secure run (if possible) over to their house this saturday. They can have as much time as they need to figure out if they want to keep (buy) the coop and run, or if they want to build their own. We are in no hurry. We are just glad we found someone so quickly, who wants chickens. And that they are willing to let us come over to see them sometimes (at least for a little while).
Maybe we can pet sit for them!

So, I am glad.

Glad to have had this experience.

Glad to have found out the full character and poopy-ness of one neighbor.
(Hopefully he will try to avoid talking to me now! Yay!)

Glad to help some new friends get chickens.

Glad to be done with the poop. (I think changing baby is enough poo for me right now)

Glad to have found them a good home.
(they might even take the rooster(s), they are still thinking)

All in all...I am glad.

I hope it all goes well this weekend.

The coop is heavy and I don't know how heavy the secure run is...
H has to work part of saturday too (in the morning).
But hopes to be home by afternoon.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, my parents are coming to visit us. So, they will get to see the chickies while they are still here! Should be fun!

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